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About Spectral Fire Audio

Hey there I'm E! I'm a music producer specializing in all things loud, heavy, & modern. I'm here to help your project sound its best and to help you maximize your sonic potential.

From pre-production through final master, I can help you turn your vision from idea to a commercially-ready reality.

Let's make some noise!

Eric Kalina

Eric Kalina

Audio Services

How may I assist you?


A professional mix can help you to reach a wider audience, stand apart from your peers, and be taken seriously as a professional artist. Having a new album or single that sonically competes with the pros can drastically increase your chances at reaching more listeners, venues, management, etc. I can help your band achieve its goals by providing you with a clean and professional mix to take you to that next level!


If you're a self-producing band like many, you can send your tracks to me for editing. I will help clean up your tracks so they're ready for the mix in a professional and timely fashion.

  • Multi-track drums both live and midi

    Drums will be quantized to sound natural and non-robotic. MIDI will be humanized and quantized in the same manner.

  • Instrumentation

    Instruments will be naturally tightened and time-aligned.

  • Vocals

    Vocal tracks will be transparently tuned and time-aligned.

Mobile Recording

If you're a band on-location who needs help recording your next album or single, I'm ready to help capture your art anytime the vibe strikes. I can come to your rehearsal space or rental studio as needed for your project. I have all the equipment necessary to record your band and help you sound your best!

Custom Templates, Blocks, and FX

As a music producer, having a dedicated collection of samples & sound libraries are crucial to modern productions.  There are many amazing libraries currently available but what if you have your own unique set of sounds in-mind?  I can help produce your own custom sounds & more based on your vision and workflow.  Please contact me to discuss your ideas!